Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
in Medicine, Practice and Science

A 7 Day Professional Training

This comprehensive program offers healthcare and other professionals an opportunity to come together under the direct guidance of foundational leaders in the practice and science of MBSR. Participants will engage with mindfulness practices and their direct application personally and professionally. Through direct experience, reflection and dialogue, they will assimilate core tenets of MBSR and how these apply in healthcare settings. They will also learn the underlying scientific principles and mechanisms, review the new developments in the exponentially expanding mindfulness field, and explore how these are applied to improve health in practice and society.

In the retreat-like format of this program, grounded in a continuity of mindfulness practice, mutual respect, and exploration, participants contribute to a learning community that supports introspection and the cultivation of wisdom. The ethos of MBSR expressed as innate wholeness, sovereignty, and participation support the development of self-awareness, resilience, and compassion. Innovative approaches to employ mindful awareness into one’s daily life can lead to greater personal satisfaction, while also informing decisions that affect patients, clients, systems and society.

The program, is founded on synergistic learning employing both conceptual understanding and experiential engagement with the intention of developing embodied wisdom. Through a combination of guided meditation practices as taught in the MBSR program, didactic presentations, dialogue, reflection and inquiry, whole person knowledge that is practical and immediately applicable, can develop.

The program is open to professionals and individuals who come prepared for the intensive nature of this training. Understanding the ethic of embodying mindfulness practice in one’s life before attempting to share this with others, is essential and necessary.

Specific themes and areas of focus include:

  • Seamless cultivation of mindfulness throughout the program, through formal and informal practices, silence, conversation and dialogue
  • Respond skillfully in the face of stress, pain, anxiety, and burnout, within ourselves and when working with others
  • Mindful approaches to develop resilience with workplace challenges
  • Review of research supporting the clinical value of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Explication of Teacher Education pathway
  • Exploration of the core elements of the ethos expressed within MBSR through non-harming, compassion, and wisdom.

Required reading for this course:

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The program fee is 1.250 € to be paid in four monthly installments of € 312.50.

At the end of this registration process you will receive an email with instructions to book your room at the venue where the course is taking place. Group rates for full board per night and person:

  • Single room: 86,50 €
  • Double room: 66,50 €

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