The Insight Inside Us

A Silent Mindfulness Meditation Retreat
Creating Conditions for Awakening in Mindfulness-Based Programs
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Cultivate a continuity of meditation practice engendering stability, tranquility, focus, and resources for transformation led by senior teachers from Brown University's Mindfulness Center.

Founded over forty years ago by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction offers a systematic learning experience that accesses deep, innate resources for healing, growing, and potentially transforming one’s way of being in relationship with the joys and challenges of life. MBSR has been widely studied and is one of the most evidence-based mindfulness programs. Since its inception, many mindfulness-based and mindfulness-informed programs have been established in order to skillfully meet the specific needs and conditions of different populations.

This retreat:

  • Offers similar experiential conditions of meditation and investigation that led to the vision and founding of MBSR;
  • Provides support to cultivate awareness of and intimacy with the workings of the mind and body which can lead to greater freedom from stress, anxiety, pain, or illness.
  • Follows the Insight meditation tradition format and is led by highly experienced teachers in a supportive, silent environment;
  • Teaches key Buddhist psychological underpinnings of all mindfulness-based programs such as MBSR, MBCT, MB-EAT, MBCP, and MBRP, as well as mindfulness informed programs of MSC, ACT, and DBT in ways that are accessible, respectful, and inclusive of many wisdom traditions and cultures.

This retreat is suitable for anyone wishing to deepen their mindfulness practice. It may also be of interest to those teaching or aspiring to teach mindfulness in healthcare, psychology, education, science, government, or in other business and corporate sectors.

Please note: This retreat also fulfills one of the training requirements to becoming an MBSR teacher through the MBSR Professional Teacher Education offered by the Brown University Mindfulness Center.

Participants can expect:

  • To receive clear meditation guidance day by day
  • To receive encouragement to explore mindfulness, internally, externally and both
  • To receive support through individual and group practice discussions
  • To hear daily talks that clarify contemplative principles that lead to greater freedom
  • To join a community of engaged practitioners with a structured schedule that supports deepening of meditation practice
  • To access moment to moment awareness with daily activities and within the natural world
  • To deepen understanding and strengthen your personal practice
  • To cultivate innate capacity for resilience, insight and compassion

Who should attend?

  • People who wish to deepen their mindfulness practice
  • MBSR teachers (Certified or in training)
  • Meditation teachers who want to know the approach to practice as taught in MBSR
  • Professionals of the field of the health and help's vocation professions

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